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New Concessions Spotlights 2017 Season

O’FALLON, MO: This is an exciting time to be a Rascals fan with not only a new field but, new food and beverage options too! Partnering with Sysco Corporation, the Rascals will have several mouth-watering options to try at the concession stands this year. There will be several interactive and tasty drink options to enhance the Rascals’ fans experience. The menu has been consolidated as well to increase the speed and quality of service at the concession stand.

Director of Concessions and Catering, Seth Schoem, is beginning his first year with the Rascals and has brought exciting change with him. From the Washington D.C. area, Seth has always had a passion for food and sports, receiving his associates and bachelor of science degrees at Johnson & Wales University in Rhode Island. Seth played all four years of school for their NCAA Division III soccer team.

A particular food item that Seth, and the Rascals, are thrilled to bring the "Bypass Sandwich" for its 2017 debut at CarShield Field. This sandwich is truly one of a kind and will be the highlight of the Rascals’ concessions for years to come. The Bypass Sandwich consists of a zesty fried chicken breast, smothered in white cheddar cheese and chunky strawberry jam sandwiched between two funnel cakes, served with a side of maple syrup. With the Bypass Sandwich, the Rascals are also adding deep fried Twinkies and pork rinds served with an avocado ranch dipping sauce.

In terms of beverage additions, the Rascals will be introducing the “Mystery Beer Cart” to CarShield Field. The cart will consist of both craft and domestic beer options for only $2. The catch? You will be blindfolded before choosing the beer. Yes, YOU will be choosing the beer yourself!

New Alligator Ice slushy options are coming as well to cool off Rascals' fans during the season. Raskies’ Bar and Lounge will now offer wine slushies consisting of several flavors including Apple Riesling, Strawberry Blanc, and White Grape Cuvee. These will only be available in the Raskies’ Bar during regular weekday games but, fans will have the ability to order  from their seats on the weekends.

Many Rascals’ fan favorites will be returning as well but, with higher quality and fan feedback in mind, 2017 will be a food lover’s dream! This new menu will begin Opening Day on Friday, May 12th so be sure to get tickets now to expand your taste buds and enjoy all the new offerings at CarShield Field.

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